Sorry Mom Tattoo
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Sorry Mom Tattoo Artists

Best because we love it
Sorry Mom Tattoo Artists
Best because we love it
We speak English and we are always here to assist you.
Tattoo parlor Sorry Mom — is a wonderful team of artists, exquisite work and its own atmosphere. A place where Style and Quality are a priority.

Our artists have a large amount experience, they know which tattoo ideas look better together, and what combinations are best avoided. They know how to beat Chicano or Biomechanics, how to place a tattoo on a bend so that the important elements do not get deformed, which elements to start a sleeve off with and which elements to finish on the back. We will be able to offer you interesting options for covering an old tattoo or, perhaps, you want to hide a scar? We know the answers to your questions.

Register for a consultation — it’s free, come, we’ll create your dream together! Artists of Sorry Mom Tattoo are people who can be trusted, because only with the professionalism, sense of style, mutual participation and trust — are masterpieces born. Our masters are not just amazing tattoo artists with colossal experience, they are also people who live with a tattoo that breathe it, and they perfectly understand your desires, whether it’s a black and white tattoo, biomechanics, trash polka or a watercolor octopus. They know how to make every single one of their masterpieces individual, bright and memorable. Do you want to get a "WOW!" Effect? Come visit us, we promise — you will not be disappointed.
Watercolor, Modern, New School, Old School, Sketch Art, Ornamental, Linework, Dotwork, Cover-up
Linework, Dotwork, Blackwork, Realism, Trash Polka, Organic, Engraving, Japan, Cover-up
Linework, Dotwork, Traditional, Realism, Old School, Japan, Ornamental, Cover-up
New School, Neo Traditional, Old School, Traditional, Cover-up, Linework
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